First Login

After you install CrashFix web application and service components, as described on Installation page, you typically should log in using standard root account.

In order to do this, enter the URL of your CrashFix web application's entry script into web browser's navigation bar. The CrashFix Login page appears (shown in the figure below).


Login page

In the appeared Sign in form, enter 'root' into the Username field and 'rootpwd' into the Password field. Press the Login button.

The Enter New Password page appears where you should enter your new password and press the Submit button.

Next, Users tab appears (shown on the figure below). Here you can see the details of root user. You should change root's E-mail address (which is test by default) by pressing the Update User button.


View Root Profile

The root user is a standard user belonging to Admin user group. Users from this group are granted permissions to perform any actions in the web application. For example, root user can create new users, create new projects and assign project roles to certain users. The root user can also browse the CrashFix daemon's status and recent operations.

For more information on how to manage users, you can refer to Users and Roles page.

For more information on how to manage projects, you can refer to Projects page.

For more information on how to browse CrashFix daemon's status, you can refer to Daemon page.

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