When you browse a crash report from a collection, you decide whether to take an action on it later. For example, if you can reproduce the crash, you may decide to fix it later. In this case you open a bug for the collection. A bug is a synonym of a problem. Ideally, crash collections and bugs should be in one-to-one relationship, meaning each crash collection has exactly one bug.

However, it is not limited to associate a bug with a single collection. You may associate a bug with several collections, if desired. A bug may also be associated with an individual crash report file or with several crash reports, however this is not recommended to do.

To see the list of bugs, you need to log in under a user having permission to browse bugs, and the user should be a member of the specified project. After you have logged in, click the Bugs button on the Main menu. Bugs page appears (shown in the figure below).



The Bugs page contains the search field allowing to filter bugs. The default bug filter may be different for different user groups. For example, developers see open bugs by default, while QA see bugs to verify by default. An administrator may configure this on Administer panel.

Below the search field, there is the actions toolbar, where you may choose an action to perform. For example, you may open new bug or delete selected bugs. Actually, it is not so easy to open a new bug with this button, because you have to fill out the form manually. It is much easier to open new bugs from Collections or Crash Reports pages.

At the bottom of the Bugs page, you can see some information on total disc space occupied by bug attachments and percent of disk quota.

To see certain bug details, click its ID. The View Bug NN page appears, where NN is the bug ID. The details page is shown below.


Bug Details

At the top of the page, there is actions toolbar. Using this toolbar, one may add a comment, attach a file, change bug status or permanently delete the bug. To make a changes to bug, your user account must have manage bugs permission.

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